The Great British Duck Race

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Track One

1 Tommy Clinsky 5:33:98 12.07.2015
2 Christopher Jameson 5:34:15 11.07.2015
3 Alan Clamel 5:35:28 12.07.2015
4 Jessica Petterson 5:36:23 08.07.2015
5 Dan Klaus 5:36:23 25.07.2015


Track Two

1 Jessica Petterson 5:37:12 14.07.2015
2 Dan Klaus 5:37:58 09.07.2015
3 Tommy Clinsky 5:38:28 22.07.2015
4 Alan Clamel 5:38:29 27.07.2015
5 Christopher Jameson 5:39:04 12.07.2015



Your ultimate guide to the world of sports!

Sports provide a sense of relaxation in a monotonous routine and aid to forgetting your tensions for a while.

Why Buy an Electric Bike?

February 6, 2017 5:26 pm

It looks like more and more people have been getting electric bikes. We see them on the streets, we hear people bragging about getting them, we see various people on TV telling us that an electric bike is the way of the future, etc. But, why exactly should we get an electric bike? Can’t we just use an ordinary bike for all the things that we could do with an electric bike? Why spend money on it at all? Well, we are going to try and answer that for you, and all you have to do is lay back and read.

The biggest advantage an electric bike has to a regular bike is the fact that you can cover a much larger distance with an electric bike. This is because this bike has a motor and a battery, and you can just use them to ride yourself wherever you want to. Usually, you can’t cover larger distances with your regular bike because you get tired really soon, but here you just don’t have that problem.

The next reason why people buy electric bikes is because they can use them to commute to work or school without actually spending any money. These things don’t run on oil or gas; you just have to charge the battery before you go, and you’re ready for your commute. No longer will you have to wait in line to get some gas or even worry about whether you have enough money in your wallet for something like that.

Riding a mountain bike on a tough terrain seems to be an activity a lot of people enjoy. It’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s a bit dangerous; what’s not to love! However, some people are complaining about the fact that their biggest problem with such an activity is peddling all the way home after you’ve exhausted yourself on those mountain trails. Well, if you get an electric mountain bike from All Season, you can turn off the motor and pedal your way through those mountain trails, just like you would with a regular mountain bike. However, when the time comes to go back home, you can just turn on the motor, and let it carry you home. That’s exactly why the electric mountain bikes are some of the top sellers in the field of electric bikes.

Some people seem to think that an electric bike is similar to a motorcycle in the sense that when your battery runs out, you have to drag it home. Well, no, that’s not how it works. You can always use the pedals if your battery runs out, meaning that you’ll always going to reach your destination. So, if your battery runs out, just ride the electric bike like you would a regular bike.

So, now you know why so many people decide on buying electric bikes. They are useful, they can be fun, and can also help you save money. This indicates to us that the electric bikes are not just a fad like the segways were, but that they are the way of the future.

How to Build a Light Weight Race Car

October 7, 2016 10:26 am

Race cars have to be fast, of course; however, in order to achieve that speed, it is necessary for the car to be as light as possible. You can achieve this rather easily, and now we’re going to explain to you how to do it. In short, you’ll need to carefully measure and cut, move stuff around your car, lower the car and lower the centre if gravity.

How to Lose Weight?

The very first thing you ought to do is replace the car windows. However, you can’t just replace them with anything; you need to make sure that they are fire-resistant, that they are at least 4mm thick, and that the driver’s window has to have an opening. Also, it is really important to note that the windscreen has to remain standard glass.

Some people just go ahead and buy the pre-made parts, but it is much better to get them made specifically for your car. The best material for that is the double sided UV polycarbonate, cut to size Plastic from CutMyPlastic. Now, due to the fact that accidents happen rather frequently in racing, it is necessary to secure the polycarbonate, and the best way to do that is to bolt it, and not bond it. It allows for a quicker removal, and it’s harder to damage the polycarbonate during that process.

The first thing you need in order to make these new windows are the wooden templates.

The Templates

These templates allow you to make new windows every time the need for them arises. It is always best to create the paper templates first, and then stick them to the polycarbonate. Then, it is easy to cut the polycarbonate following the lines of the template.

Cutting the Polycarbonate

There are many ways to cut the polycarbonate, and many tools to use to do it, but the best one is the following. Place the template on the polycarbonate, draw around it, and then cover the outline with some making tape. Place the template again, and redraw the outline over the tape.

Now you can use a sharp tool like a universal hand saw to cut the polycarbonate. Make sure you do it accurately, and follow the lines! Then, you need to take a file or some sand paper, and even out the burns. However, be carefully not to damage the face of the future window.

Installing the New Windows

Seeing how this is a really touchy part of the job, it is always better to have a professional do it for you. They manage to do this so that no screws heads remain visible. Along with the windows, the door panels are also replaced, and these ones are made of aluminium composite. They are made the same way as the polycarbonate windows were – with the help of makers and paper templates.

Another thing that was added to the car are the home-made door pulls, which open the doors. Only what is necessary gets installed; all other things are removed in order to achieve the lightest possible weight.

West Ham goes crashing down!

September 29, 2016 1:06 pm

One of the most popular sports in the UK is Football/Soccer. With over 40,000 association football clubs, England is the land where this sport has taken birth and thrived over the years.

The Premier League is the country’s primary football competition in which over 20 clubs take part as contestants and compete with one another. The Premier League 2016 is spread over 38 weeks and started in August and is due to end in May with 380 matches in total.

soccer-1457988_640The Week 6 is going on nowadays and the football fever has taken the UK like a storm. The latest match happened between West Ham and Southampton today with a score of 0-3. People are deeply disappointed with yet another defeat of West Ham.

The first half finished with a little between the sides burst into life with Charlie Austin giving Southampton the lead. Austin completed off an outstanding Southampton move, slotting home with his left foot following a cross from Ryan Bertrand. Austin and Bertrand continued to be the center of attention after the pair combined to load more pressure on the struggling West Hammers.

In the second half, Dusan Tadic made it 2-0 to Southampton and West Ham’s supporters saw their team go down to back their bags up. James Ward-Prowse leads the team to the celebration after his goal put Southampton on the way to returning home with all three points. The Southampton fans rejoiced as the match sealed the second straight premier league win.

As for the West Ham supporters, this was the kind of match where one can only wonder how a game with so much thrill and excitement can go very bad. The team’s performance was simply “awful”. West Ham is trapped in the relegation zone having lost five of their opening six games whereas Southampton’s hefty success has taken them up into joint ninth succeeding a clinical display at the London Stadium.

Mark Noble, the central midfielder, and captain of West Ham United, thinks that their situation could not get any worse as the team remains stuck in the bottom three in the league. He admitted that the team has indeed hit rock bottom after this heavy defeat. He told Sky Sports: “If I’m honest, it could have been six, in the end, had Adrian not pulled off some good saves. On the bright side, I don’t think it can get any worse.”

Sugar and Spice in the world of Rugby with Aviva Premiership 2016-2017

September 21, 2016 12:07 pm

Rugby is one the leading recreational sport in England. The Premiership is the top domestic club competition of the country and is the most competitive domestic rugby union competition. It’s sponsored by Aviva, one of the leading companies with a great health insurance finder, savings account results and investment opportunites.

Aviva Premiership 2016-2017 is the 30th competition in which 12 teams are going to compete in this season.

This Sunday the rugby fans got to see an interesting match between the Leicester Tigers and Bath Rugby in which the Leicester Tigers took the lead with a score of 34 – 14. The Tigers broke the 100 percent record of Bath and made themselves secure 4th position in the premiership.

Having made a stumbling start to the season, the Tigers were frantic to perform and escape a second consecutive home defeat against an undefeated side, having lost to Wasps a fortnight ago. They started brilliantly by leading the first half and turning round with a 14-7 lead Owen Williams kicked 17 points as Leicester Tigers imposed a first setback of the season on Bath.

Meanwhile, Chris Ashton’s tempestuous year took another ugly turn he was given a 13-week ban for biting in Saturday’s match of Saracens vs. Northampton. Ashton was cited for two incidents involving Alex Waller in the first half. Saracens got a victory with a score of 27-12 over Northampton but the match was not a good one for Ashton as this ban could serve as the nail the coffin of his international career.

washington-80382_640There were some bizarre performances during the fourth weekend of the Aviva Premiership season. The top players of the week are:

  1. Jimmy Gopperth from Wasps
  2. Guy Thompson from Wasps
  3. Will Welch from Newcastle
  4. George Merrick from Harlequins
  5. James Horwill from Harlequins
  6. Mike Williams from Leicester

Gopperth sustained his recent run of outstanding form with another overall good performance, including a try and kicking 10 points in a narrow win at Northampton. He made 81 meters in just six carries, and completed 13 tackles.

Flanker Thompson was another key part as Wasps overpowered Northampton to ensure their undefeated start to the season.

Will Welch’s flanker was excellent for the Falcons as they turned over Gloucester at Kingsholm.

Merrick was the main figure as Harlequins gave a shocking result by defeating Saracens.

Similarly, to Merrick, the Australian international was critical as Harlequins beat Saracens withv17-10.

A superb multifaceted effort from Williams was vital as Leicester crushed Bath 34-14.

The Saracens were the champions last season and Leicester Tigers have 10 titles in their bag up till now. The rugby fans are eager to see who takes home the trophy this season. The Aviva Premiership 2016-2017 continues with a lot of twisted and turns keeping the fans thrilled with interesting matches topped with bulks of spicy and juicy incidents. The season finale is going to be on 27th May 2017 at Twickenham and fans are anxiously waiting for the general sale of tickets to begin any day soon.

The CricketFever Has Taken Over Parts of UK

September 12, 2016 6:11 am

Cricket could be a sport whose entire growth has been within the Great Britain from its apparent roots to becoming a serious sport in European nation and had been introduced to alternative countries. Cricket was a children’s game initially however currently it’s become a sports individuals of all ages play and watch. The cricket fever has taken over in not only England but also other parts of UK.

The Cricket County Championship is the domestic first-class cricket competition in England and Wales with eighteen clubs, named after and representing, the historic counties. The championship has been an iconic series since the first tournament in the 1890s.
cricket-166794_640Middlesex won the championships this season with their first title at their home ground by defeating Yorkshire by 61 runs with 28 balls to spare on a fine sunlit evening at Lord’s. Middlesex lifted the trophy after winning the County Championship for the first time since 1993. Yorkshire, set 240 to win in 40 overs but was bowled out for 178 with Roland-Jones finishing with 6 for 54.The final session on the last day of a fascinating season was decided by a nail-biting run chase that receded and flooded and was eventually settled by Roland-Jones.

After the Country Championships, the forthcoming spice within the world of cricket shall be the International Pathway that over fifty players between the ages of seventeen and thirty are chosen for involvement within the four elements of the men’s International Pathway this winter – the Lions, the Young Lions, the Pace Programme, and Overseas Placements. All eighteen fantabulous counties can either have players abroad with European nation or on the Pathway, unfold around four continents.

Andy Flower will lead an 18-man team on a Lions training camp in Dubai in November and December, with three 50-over matches for England Lions against the United Arab Emirates at the ICC Academy and a three-day match alongside Afghanistan in Sharjah. David Parsons, the ECB’s Performance Director UN agency leads the men’s International Pathway, said: “We hope that transfer all aspects of the International Pathway along during this kind can facilitate to indicate the vary of the way within which the ECB is functioning with the excellent counties to organize players for international cricket.

The time is however not right for the international cricket in the UK as South Africa thrashed Ireland this week by 206 runs in ODI. On his One Day International debut, Temba Bavuma scored a century and four wickets, which aided South Africa in securing a one-sided 206-run, victory over Ireland at Willowmore Park this Sunday. Kevin O’Brien (41) and Paul Stirling (40) supplied some resistance as Ireland reached 148 prior to being bowled out with 19 overs to spare. This was Ireland’s first trip to South Africa to play the national team and as predicted earlier, their chances of victory and defeating South Africa on the home ground were thin.

Thou, South Africa was without injured captain AB de Villiers, HashimAmla, Dale Steyn and Imran Tahir in this match, they have commenced their domestic season strongly, while Ireland will now have little time to regroup and sort out the flaws before they find themselves up against Australia.